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Very few organizations have the brand name that the Jimmy Fund carries. Michael Aizenstadt has been a Jimmy Fund Supporter since 1988 through the various channels, including  the Jimmy Fund Golf Program, running tournaments to raise for research. Finding a cure for cancer is near and dear to our hearts, we believe this is especially important since most people have a personal experience with cancer, whether it be themselves or a loved one.

The Jimmy Fund has been around since 1948, most closely related with the Boston Red Sox as they are huge advocates for the Jimmy Fund and support the cause with extreme passion. You won’t be able to go to Fenway and not notice a significant presence.

The Jimmy fund is part of the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, which is committed to providing the best cancer treatment available today for adults and children, while being developing tomorrow’s cures through cutting edge technology and an extreme devotion to research. They structure their care with an extreme dedication to collaboration between their scientists and clinicians.

They currently employ nearly 4,000 people who support over 300,000 patient visits a year, coupled with 700 clinical trials.

At Mortgage Corp East, we are proud and active supporters of the Jimmy Fund. Help support the cause:

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