The importance of a quality pre-approval when putting in an offer

Written by Ryan Morgan on . Posted in Buying

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When you are putting in an offer on your dream home, you may be the only prospective buyer or you may find yourself in a multiple offer situation. Any time there are multiple offers, it can be extremely stressful and competitive.
One of the best things you can do to make your offer stand out is have a thorough, complete pre-approval so that you are showing your strength as a buyer.

Often times, in multiple offer scenarios, your loan officer will get a call from the listing agent to verify the information on your pre-approval and ensure that they accept the best offer for their client.

As your loan officer, there are confidentiality agreements in place, so we can not share any of your information with the listing agent. But what we can do, is assure the agent that your credit has been pulled and is satisfactory, your pay stubs, tax returns and W2s have been reviewed as well and that your strength as a buyer is substantial.

It may seem trivial to most people, but ask any listing agent that you know and they will tell you the importance of your loan officer being accessible and responsive, starting as soon as you submit your offer!

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