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Featured Professional Q&A: Jeannie Carr, Owner | Success Real Estate



If you are looking for a home from Braintree down through the Bridgewaters and want an honest, dependable and experienced agent to work with…give me a call.  I have 30 years’ experience and a wealth of resources to help you. I will personally visit your home and give you advice PRIOR to listing your home so you can maximize your profits.  I am an Accredited Stager and give my personal clients FREE staging advice.  I also have 30 years worth of contacts to help you get rid of your junk, fix up your home, move, pack, repair etc.  Moving is a very stressful time and having a great realtor AND a great mortgage rep are the 2 biggest advantages you will have over all your friends. “INTERVIEW the rest, but HIRE the best!”


1. How long have you been in Real Estate and why did you choose to get into the business?

I have been a realtor serving the south shore since 1984. I have always loved real estate and architecture.​

2. What do you most enjoy about working in real estate?

The most rewarding part of my job is working with grateful people who appreciate the hard work and extra mile I go for them to help them achieve their goals of buying and selling or both.  Almost all of the friends I have today are people I met in real estate.

3. What is your most memorable moment in real estate?

​I actually won an award several years ago called “The Extra Mile Award”.  It was one-time award given to me out of 1,000 agents at the Annual Convention from the owner of the company because of the overwhelming number of hand written letters he had received from my buyers and sellers saying how much they loved working with me and how appreciative they were of my efforts to help them buy or sell.   This award means more to me than the many contests I have won throughout the years because I believe it’s what people say about you that means more than anything.​

4. What are the greatest challenges that you face in today’s market?

The 2008 recession is still affecting us today and a lot of sellers still don’t have the equity in their homes to be able to move to their next destination.  It is VERY important to price a home at its fair market value, not the value that the owner thinks it has.​  The 2008 recession has also made it very difficult for buyers to get financed and the buyers today are much more saavy about choosing a really good, reputable mortgage rep and mortgage co. (like Mortgage Corp East) because if they choose the wrong mortgage rep, the whole deal can easily fall apart at the end and they not only lose the home of their dreams, but can lose their deposits as well.

5. What do you feel makes you stand out most from your competition?

​People tell me that I am different because I make everyone feel like family and I try to quickly gain a sense of respect and trust from the buyers or sellers.  I am brutally honest which I think most people appreciate when it comes to buying or selling and staging their homes and getting them ready to list.

6. What organizations, clubs, hobbies, passions , community involvement do you have outside of real estate?

​I love anything to do with water!  Give me a beach and a chair or some games, and I’m good to go.  My husband and I sing in the choir at Holy Ghost Church in Whitman and have been involved with the softball and coaching of our daughters and their teams growing up.

We both have big families so our spare time is usually spent at some family function.  ​

Call Jeannie at 617-529-3040 or visit her online at!

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